France to end “birthright citizenship” for Mayotte

Finally some sanity from the French government

In 1973, Mayotte voted to remain a French colony while its neighboring Islands became the Union of Comoros. Today, the island is a giant staging ground for benefits-seeking economic migrants. They have entirely overwhelmed the island in hopes of having a baby on the island that will grant them easy access to France.

About 35%-40% of the island’s entire population are now foreign-born migrants. Immigrant riots and crime are devastating the country. Marine Le Pen, leader of the socially conservative National Rally, just called the situation in Mayotte a “quasi-civil war.” She says it is held hostage by the “culture of the manchette.” In the 2022 French presidential election, legal residents of Mayotte voted for Le Pen over Emanuel Macron despite the population being almost entirely non-White.

Now, the Interior Minister of France has announced that birthright citizenship will be ended for residents of the island of Mayotte.
Auto-translated statement by Marine Le Pen from three days ago:



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