Seven dead at US-controlled Kabul airport as Afghans trample each other and block aircraft

This is April 30th, 1975 all over again

Psaki not answering questions till August 23rd.

Latest: White Press secretary Jen Psaki has left for a week.

While the US army still controls the Kabul airport, it has descended into chaos. Seven people are reportedly dead after Afghans beat each other over spots on planes.

Some sources allege that American soldiers fired into the air. You can hear gunshots in some of the video clips. It is also being widely noted that there is a complete lack of women and children among the people fleeing.

Two Afghans allegedly tried to hold onto the outside of a plane as it was taking off and fell from a substantial height.

It is now being reported that all incoming and outgoing flights have been temporarily suspended because so many people are standing on the runway.

Meanwhile, two loud explosions were reported near government buildings in Kabul. This might have been the USA blowing up sensitive materials. No casualties were reported. Only minor looting is being reported and the Taliban and local security forces say the looters are being apprehended. The Taliban is patrolling the city using American humvees.

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