Female Cameroon spree shooter targeted White males

Why is the media not obsessed with race this time?

Raissa Kengne, an immigrant from Cameroon, has been charged with shooting three former co-workers at an office building in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wesley Freeman, 41, deceased
Michael Shinners, 60, deceased
Mike Horne, 34, remains in the ICU

Kenge attempted to fly out of the country after the shooting.

As we all know. If the races had been reversed, the core focus of the media would be on the racial dynamic of the attack. There would be wild speculation on the national news that it was “racially motivated.” Since it was Black on White, there is zero mention of the racial dynamic in any media.

In the USA, Whites are greatly underrepresented among spree shooters. The exact opposite of what is portrayed in the “mainstream” media.

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