Fayetteville police unironically brag about paying people $150 each for these garbage firearms

Disingenuous street theater

The Fayetteville Police Department conducted an “anonymous gun buyback” at a Black church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. They paid people $150 each for the junk rifles and shotguns in this photo. They were so proud of themselves that they posted the photo on Facebook to proclaim victory.

They also posted a picture of nine officers conducting the buyback. While the homicide rate is the highest in the city’s history, nine officers were used for street theater. They could have been out trying to solve murders.

Fayetteville Homicides:

1993: 30 (160k, 18.8 per 100k) Former all time highest rate
2019: 27 (207k, 13.0 per 100k)
2020: 34 (209k, 15.8 per 100k)
2021: 48 (209k, 23.0 per 100k) New all time record

Fayetteville has had at least 36 homicides in 2022 so far.


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