ACLU publicly calls for ending enforcement of misdemeanor crimes

ACLU says the police exist to "uphold White supremacy"

In response to the police shooting of Daunte Wright, the ACLU has publicly called for an end to the enforcement of laws against misdemeanor crimes.

Daunte Wright had been charged with a misdemeanor fleeing from the Police and a misdemeanor gun charge. Then he skipped his court date. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

After being pulled over, he refused to cooperate, jumped back in his car, and hit the gas. He was shot by Police, wrecked his car, and died at the scene.

The ALCU claims the authorities should have let it go and never issued a warrant. Their official statement refers to the crimes attributed to Daunte as “absolutely nothing.”

The ACLU goes on to say that “Police continue to serve their original purpose — to act as an occupying force and mechanism for social control in Black communities. Police still exist to uphold white supremacy.”

The ACLU ignores the fact that Police shot Wright in a municipality that is over half non-White and has a city council full of woke social justice activists.

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