Far-left rioter pleads guilty to torching five Seattle police vehicles.

She is getting the mandatory minimum sentence

During a Black Lives Matter riot on May 30th, 2020, Margaret Aislinn Channon set five Seattle police vehicles on fire. She used aerosol cans and a lighter to start the fires. Channon was captured on video setting the fires and committing other crimes.

She also looted clothing stores, stealing items for herself. She smashed the window of a cellphone store and smashed the cash register of a sandwich shop. Channon is from Tacoma, WA. Previously, in 2019, her family reported her missing. She was possibly living with Antifa members in Texas. At the time, her family described her as “wearing black and red exclusively,” which are the Antifa colors.

She faced five to twenty years in federal prison for arson. The DOJ agreed to only recommend the minimum five years in exchange for a guilty plea. She will be sentenced on January 18th.

Kelly Jackson

Another violent left-wing criminal, 21-year-old Kelly Jackson, was sentenced to forty months in federal prison for torching three other Seattle police vehicles and possessing unlawful destructive devices. This occurred at the same May 30th riot, only Jackson used Molotov cocktails. Jackson pleaded guilty last January and also got the minimum sentence required.

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