Faith in US election integrity continuous to shrink

WaPo says 36% of Americans don't think Biden was "legitimately" elected

Washington Post and the University of Maryland found that the number of Americans who don’t believe that Joe Biden was “legitimately elected” has grown from 29% to 36% from 2021 to 2023.
The new poll was conducted from December 14th through the 18th and involved 1,024 adults.

During the 2020 election, at least thirty states made it easier to cast absentee ballots under the pretext of protecting the public from coronavirus. In some cases, this meant suspended safeguards against fraud. For example, Governor Brian Kemp allowed highly controversial “drop boxes” and other changes to absentee voting rules. The resulting controversies over the election in Georgia resulted in a new 2021 law that seeks to protect absentee voting from fraud.

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