Elon University: Despite media onslaught, majority of North Carolinians still support Confederate monuments

Most Americans still do not support radical agenda of tearing down statues

Only a minority of North Carolina residents support the removal of Confederate statues. They just have the support of the media, academia, and well-funded “non-profits.”. Not to mention the “progressive” prosecutors who shield Antifa & BLM from criminal charges when they vandalize or destroy statues in left-wing strongholds.

Historically, the destroying of statues went hand in hand with the physical genocide of a people. The attack on statues in the US is motivated, in part, by racial hatred against White people. However, it is also part of a plan that comes from Marxist Critical Theory. They believe that a population separated from their culture, history, religion, and the traditional family will more enthusiastically embrace Marxism.

Elon University polled 1,400 residents of North Carolina. They report a surge in support for removing statues due to the BLM/George Floyd hysteria. They claim that nearly one-third of residents say their opinion of the statues has become more negative in the past year due to the BLM movement.

However, 58% still say they support keeping the statutes, and only 42% say they support removal. Even then, many people who say they support removal said they do not believe that removal will help race relations. Only 28.4% responded that the removal of statues helps race relations. Meanwhile, 39.4% said the removal of statues hurts race relations.

Blacks and Democrats support removal by large majorities, 75% and 67% resp[ectively. However, Blacks make up over half of the core base of Democrat voters in the state. North Carolina is roughly 23% Black, who vote Democrat at rates of over 90%.

A slim majority of people aged 18 – 24, 52%, support removal because this is the age group most influenced by the media and academia. Often people become more conservative and give up radical left-wing ideologies as they get older.

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