Did affirmative action kill again? Black female cop, who killed unarmed motorist, already fired by two other departments

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what went wrong

Can affirmative action hiring and political correctness kill people?

Cassandra Dollard, a Black female, shot and killed Robert Langley, 46, on February 6th. Dollard was employed as a police officer for Hemingway, South Carolina. Langley allegedly ran a stop sign then wrecked his car when Dollard tried to pull him over. Langley was then shot and killed by Dollard.

Dollard was charged with voluntary manslaughter and already released on a $150k bond. No details about Langley have been given in the media other than his age.

However, we now learn that Dollard was habitually getting in trouble and moving from department to department.

In 2002, she was terminated by the Johnsonville, SC police department for “poor performance.” in 2014, she was terminated, by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety [SCDPS], from her job as a State Transport police officer. SCDPS cited multiple acts of “misconduct.” The most egregious seems to have been using her service weapon to shoot a dog in the leg while off duty. She neglected to inform her superior officer of the shooting afterward.

In 2017, she sued SCDPS for, you guessed it, racism! Her lawsuit was settled out of court in 2018.

She has also worked for police departments in Lake City and St. Stephens. It is unknown why she left these departments. In total she has worked for five different departments.

So why would another police department hire her? Probably because of race and gender. Hemingway is a small town with a tiny police department. Dollard checked off two boxes. Plus, she had a history of crying racism, and suing. So even if there were warning signs, they may have been afraid to fire her once she was on the job.

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6 months ago

any update???
cant find any info on this over 1 year old situation