Denver is now busing illegal aliens to other cities

Hundreds of illegal aliens arriving daily

Denver, Chicago, and New York City are now all participating in a battle to push illegal aliens into other parts of the country.

The city of Denver is attempting to dismantle illegal alien squatter camps. The aliens are offered free bus tickets to anywhere in the country they choose. New York City has been busing illegal aliens north for the past year. They have even dumped migrants at the Canadian border. Now NYC is giving the aliens free one-way plane tickets to a city of their choice.

Meanwhile, as Denver tries to bus the aliens away, more arrive in buses every day. Last Friday, between 16 to 19 busloads of illegal aliens arrived in within a five-hour period. These buses dumped everyone on Quebec Street in the Home Depot, Walmart, and Sam’s Club parking lots.

According to ABC Channel 7, some migrants are now shaking down residents by telling them to pay to park in these free lots. They also wash people’s car windows and then demand money.

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