Critical Race Theory professor at Penn State charged with violently assaulting a Jewish student

Penn State seems to have a lot of extremists on staff

Penn State appears to employ a lot of far-left extremists.

Penn State professor Walter Oliver Baker allegedly attacked Avi Rachlin on August 27th. The victim is a Jewish man from New Jersey who is a junior. He has appeared in Youtube videos supporting second amendment rights. He was assaulted while participating in a protest by Coalition for a Just University. Witnesses say Baker pulled Rachlin to the ground and beat him in the face and head. Rachlin was left with a bloody face.

Penn State lists Walter Oliver Baker as a Professor of English and African American studies who “specializes in Critical Race Theory.”

Baker has now been charged with several crimes, including harassment, disorderly conduct, and simple assault. He faces his first court date on October 13th. Baker was identified because he casually walked back to his own office after the assault.

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