California DOT announces closure of notorious homeless camp, now that a major fire burned it down anyway

How convenient!

The California Department of Transportation [Caltrans] says it will finally close down a notorious homeless camp along Wood Street in Oakland. The announcement comes days after a massive fire destroyed much of the encampment anyway.

Caltrans suddenly decided it was a “safety hazard” after a two alarm fire burned up RVs, cars, sheds, and tents last Monday. Firefighters fought the blaze for two hours. The Wood Street encampment is said to have consisted of as many as 200 people. Critics called it an open air drug and prostitution market. It has existed for years.

It was not even the first fire. Local media says there have been “over one hundreds” fire at the site. After the major fire last Monday, firefighters were back again on Saturday to put out another smaller fire!

A $4.7 million “cabin village” is being constructed in the area to shelter the homeless.

Drone video from last October:

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