Why are Asians the only group in Seattle not experiencing massive overdose rates?

American Indians dying from overdoses at 34 times the Asian rate

King County, home to the city of Seattle, is experiencing an unbelievable surge in overdose deaths.

They had 1,000 overdose deaths in 2022, and list seven different racial categories for 979 of these deaths.

NH stands for “non-Hispanic”

White, NH: 576, 58.8%, 44.2 per 100k
Black, NH: 164, 16.7%, 107.2 per 100k
Hispanic: 96, 9.8%, 41.0 per 100k
Mixed Race, NH: 53, 5.4%, 49.5 per 100K
Indian/Alaskan, NH: 43, 4.4%, 313.9 per 100K
Asian, NH: 39, 4.0%, 9.1 per 100k
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, NH: 8, .9%, 4.4 per 100K

According to the US Census, King County is:

Non-Hispanic White: 56.1%
Asian: 20.9%
Hispanic: 10.3%
Black: 7.2%
Non-Hispanic Mixed Race: 3.8%
Indian/Alaskan: 1.0%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.8%

The first shock is the huge lack of Asian overdose deaths. Compared to every other group, they are relatively unaffected. Asians rank second in population, but sixth in overdose fatalities.

The second shock is the extreme number of American Indian fatalities.

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