Armed Black Supremacists vow to murder White people during Tulsa, OK march

"Dig em' up, and kill em' again"

Armed Black Supremacists vowed to violently revolt against White people and capitalism during a march in Tulsa, OK. Their leader declared that no atrocity they commit against White people could be too harsh. He said that after they kill White people, they should “dig em’ up and kill em’ again.”

Another speaker declared that sub-Saharan Africans came to America a thousand years before Christopher Columbus.

The event was supposed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of one of America’s worst race riots in history, the “Tulsa City Massacre.” This was a racial conflict that saw 26 Blacks and 10 Whites killed. Following a major shootout in the street between armed Blacks and Whites, a mob burned down a large chunk of a Black neighborhood called Greenwood. Over half of the Black population of the city left permanently.

A privately funded commission in Tulsa tried to hold an official commemoration featuring singer John Legend, Democratic Party leader Stacey Abrams, and three centenarians whose ages ranged from a couple of months to seven years during the rioting. However, that event was derailed when the trio of “survivors” demanded one million dollars in speaking fees and a fifty-million-dollar “reparations” fund. The commission offered $300k in speaking fees and two million dollars for a fund.

John Legend and Stacey Abrams backed out after the trio rejected the $2.3 million package and accused the commission of profiteering. The commission has raised thirty million dollars, most of which is earmarked for a 7,000 square foot museum.

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