Pentagon will allegedly disclose UFO secrets within weeks

What, if anything, has the government been hiding from us?

Guest Column from the Renaissance Horizon Youtube Channel

The past five months have been the craziest in US history, probably since WWII.

Gas prices have exploded, along with fuel shortages. The national average just hit a seven-year high. Biden banned new mining permits on Federal land (of which a vast portion of the entire USA is unused or barely used federally owned land). He also shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. However, social media fact-checkers assure us that it is a hoax that Biden’s policies have negatively affected gas prices.

Lumber prices have doubled overnight and are still rising fast. This has caused a halt to new home builds and brought a thriving mortgage industry to a screeching downturn. No one seems to be able to explain why lumber is rising so fast. I can personally confirm that prices have gone crazy at the hardware stores, and all the loose pieces of scrap wood I have been saving in my garage have appreciated in value.

Inflation has exploded. Virtually anything that is not directly imported from China is rising in cost. Officially, inflation is at a twelve-year high. However, inflation is something the US government is famous for downplaying and fudging the data. So, inflation is always much worse than what the official line is.

For the first time in the history of the USA, there is both a labor shortage and high numbers of unemployment benefits at the same time. I can personally confirm that local businesses where I live have significant problems finding employees, even after generously raising starting wages.

This is because it was artificially created by absurd schemes put into our Covid-19 relief packages. In the state I live in, people making $12 an hour to work at a carwash received $21 an hour to be unemployed because of $600 per week federal bonus unemployment checks. While the $600 bonus checks only lasted about three months, congress keeps authorizing new smaller bonus checks. They also keep giving money to the states to extend how long a person can receive state benefits. So now you have people who spent most of the past year on unemployment and are still getting both state checks and federal bonus checks.

Combine this with the surge of adult children still living with, and mooching off, their parents. The unemployment checks are plenty enough to buy beer, cannabis, and video games. So they do not need to get a job.

Government mandates are destroying the US postal system, as well as small American mail-order businesses. The US government requires the postal system to deliver small packages from China for almost nothing. A small US business is charged $3.52 to mail an 8-ounce parcel to a customer 100 miles away. However, the same item can be shipped to a US customer from China at the cost of $1.20.

The $3.52 that the American pays is subsidizing the Chinese mailer. The number of small parcels (15.9 ounces or less) mailed to the USA from China is now over one hundred thousand per day. A large percentage of what Americans are buying on eBay and Amazon is being shipped directly from China.

The United States Postal System is raising postage every month and is on a direct trajectory to die under the weight of Chinese parcels. For some reason, FedEx is having significant problems as well. I don’t even know why. FedEx used to be seen as the absolute most reliable, and now it is in shambles. (at least where I live)

Far-left rioting and violence have continued, despite Trump being out of office.

US homicides rates increased 20% in 2020, even though homicides worldwide declined! Even Mexico had a decline in homicides in 2020! Homicides are still rising in hundreds of US cities in 2021. America is back to the all-time highs of the early 90s! (Often described as the “crack war” years.)

On top of all this, the US government just admitted that they spent the past hundred years lying to the public about “UFOs.” The government has spent vast millions to deny and “debunk” the existence of UFOs.
The Pentagon now says that military pilots see UFOs all the time, and they have no idea what they are. They are visible to the naked eye, infrared cameras, and radar. They move through the air and the water with no audible sound. They appear to take evasive maneuvers when approached by aircraft. They may even jam missile guidance systems.

Allegedly, the Pentagon will disclose UFO secrets within months. The craziest part is that, with all the current ongoing calamities, no one seems to care.


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