Antifa is advertising another Portland riot on Twitter right now

Next Portland Antifa riot starts at 8:00 PM PST, January 26th

The January 20th, Antifa rioted in Portland and Seattle. These riots were pre-meditated and publicly advertised, in advance, on Twitter and Instagram. Using the hashtag J20, Antifa members advertised the rioting in advance and celebrated it in real time. Twitter appears to have taken no action whatsoever.

Now, they are advertising a riot for tonight, January 26th, 2021.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler vowed on New Year’s Day to crack down on Antifa. He said they would finally be prosecuted for their crimes. Nothing has happened so far, and Antifa has been committing crimes in Portland on a near daily basis.

Antifa are meeting at Arbor Lodge Park. The most likely target of this criminal action will be the Portland Police Association building. They have attacked this building before. In fact, they tried to burn it down last year. The advertisement also says “Abolish the DPP.”

You can tell by the advertisement spreading around Twitter that this is a pre-meditated criminal riot. The phrase “Wear Bloc & Be Water” are references to Antifa tactics to avoid arrest when conducting illegal activity. Participants are supposed to all dress alike in solid black, and when cops try to grab someone, they are supposed to swarm around that person and protect them with a wall of bodies.

The “no streamers” rule also indicates that serious illegal activity is planned and they don’t want their own people recording any video evidence.

We know where Antifa is massing and at what time. We know what their target is. The only question is, will Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, the Portland Police Department, and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office do anything? Will the Oregon State police step in? Will Federal police step in? Will Twitter take action against Antifa accounts that openly organize violence on their platform?

Based on the past several years, it seems like nothing will be done to stop Antifa crimes in the city of Portland. We will see.

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