$40k per year DC private school forces small children to march and chant with BLM signs

Imagine paying this much to brainwash your children

A super-high dollar private school in Washington DC appears to be little more than a training camp for future left-wing extremists. A video recently appeared on Tik Tok showing small children forced to march around a classroom chanting “Black Lives Matter” while holding BLM signs.

Lowell School charges $38.5k for kindergarteners, which increases to $42.5k for middle schoolers. However, they offer “financial aid” for students that will increase the “diversity” of the student body. Their Twitter account primarily tweets about BLM and left-wing causes rather than academics. The school’s website boasts that “Social Justice” is a primary subject matter.

The school is 70% White and 15% Black. Washington DC has been majority Black since the 1950s.

The school doesn’t share any of the academic data that DC public schools share.

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