BLM narrative on Daunte Wright is easily debunked

Does BLM even care if their narratives have any truth?

There are new race riots in Minnesota. Several stores have been looted as the BLM movement hypes wildly false claims about the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, MN. Brooklyn Center is a municipality bordering the north side of Minneapolis. It is 38.3% White, 29% Black, 16.3% Asian, and 13.5% Latino, according to the 2019 US Census estimate. According to RoadSnack, Brooklyn Center has the highest percentage of Black residents of any city in Minnesota.

According to BLM activists:

1) A Brooklyn Center police officer pulled over Daunte Wright for no reason
2) Wright called his mother to tell her that he was being pulled over
3) Officer orders him to get out of the car for no good reason, citing his air fresheners
4) Officer murders him in cold blood

What actually happened:

1) On April 2nd a warrant was issued for the arrest of Daunte Wright after he skipped his court date
2) Wright was wanted for a misdemeanor gun crime and misdemeanor fleeing from a police officer
3) Wright has a Facebook page packed with “thug culture” pictures and videos, where he depicts himself as a gang member and drug dealer
4) Wright is pulled by the police while driving his mother’s car. His girlfriend is in the passenger seat. The exact reason for the stop has not yet been disclosed
5) Wright calls his mother, most likely because he has a warrant and knows he is going to be arrested and she owns the car
6) Officer orders him to hang up the phone and get out of the car
7) Officer attempts to handcuff Wright
8) Wright fights him off, jumps back in and hits the gas
9) Wright is shot by a single bullet as the officer yells “Taser,” apparently believing he was holding his taser instead of his gun
10) Wright wrecks the car and dies at the scene
11) Wright’s mother feeds activists a narrative that her son was killed over “air fresheners”
12) Wright’s mother concedes to media that Wright got back in his car, tried to flee, and wrecked his car
13) Activists, some of whom are supposed to be “journalists,” run with completely fake claims to whip the public into a frenzy
14) Media runs an old photo of a baby-faced teenage Wright holding a baby while refusing to show any recent picture
15) Violent rioting ensues as left-wing activists hype fake story on social media
16) The State of Minnesota deploys the national guard to stop the rioting.

While activists lionize and infantilize Daunte, the reality is that he was behaving with dangerous recklessness that put the lives of his girlfriend, the police, the public, and himself in danger.

Daunte Wright’s mother tells reporters that her son defied officers, got back in his car, and tried to flee

The Warrant
Nina Moini, a reporter for tax-payer supported Minnesota Public Radio, was among those spreading incendiary fake claims about the shooting.

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