WA close to legalizing the harboring of runaway “trans kids”

Legalizes harboring of out-of-state runaways for free "trans" services

Washington Senate Bill 5599 amends the law on reporting requirements for “licensed overnight youth shelters” and “host homes.” These shelters and foster homes would no longer be required to notify parents of the child’s location if the child was seeking an abortion or to disfigure themselves in the pursuit of being transsexual.

Normally, when anyone shelters an underage runaway in the state, they must do one of three things. Immediately notify the parents, the police department in the jurisdiction where the child lives, or the Washington Department of Family Services. The child’s location must always be given to the parents unless there is reason to believe the child will be beaten or starved.

SB 5599 changes the law so that the location of the minor can also be withheld from parents if the child is seeking an abortion or wants to become transsexual. The bill also provides $7.5 million in new funding for these procedures.

The Senate Committee on Human Services held a hearing on SB 5599 on February 15th. Washington Senator Joe Nguyen, an author of the bill, explicitly states that the legislation is aimed at out-of-state minors who want to become transsexuals. Then Nguyen blatantly misrepresents the bill by portraying these children as having their parents’ permission. The bill explicitly covers children “away from a lawfully prescribed residence or home without parental permission.” 

After Nguyen speaks, Committee Chairman Claire states that the bill does not alter state law on parental consent. This is because the state of Washington has already gutted parental consent for transsexual disfigurement. Those aged 13 and older can consent by themselves. Those under 13 can still get puberty blockers and hormone treatments without parental consent if their “medical provider” approves the drugs.

The Rules Committee then passed the bill 4 to 3.

On March 1st, the Washington Senate passed the bill 27 to 9. The bill was sent to the House and passed the House Committee on Human Services 7 to 4 on March 24th.

The bill could be voted on by the full House very soon.

In the video clip below, from February 15th, Washington Senator Joe Nguyen explicitly states that the bill is aimed at children in other states where the transsexual disfigurement of minors has been banned.

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