Dutch police admit firing “warning shots” at anti-lockdown protesters causing “injuries”

Two people allegedly shot by police while protesting lockdown

Following an anti-lockdown protest in Coolsingel, Holland, the local police department said “warning shots” were fired by officers. However, despite calling them “warning shots,” the police concede that “there are injuries related to the fired shots.”

It is being alleged on social media that at least two people were hit with live rounds. A video appears to have captured one of the victims getting shot.

While Scandinavia has ended almost all lockdown measures, other parts of Europe are re-enacting some of the most extreme measures.

Warning: The following Youtube video appears to show a man being shot by police.

In this video, you can hear the sonic boom of rounds being fired as well as what sounds like sub-sonic blasts that could include fireworks, bean bag projectiles, rubber bullets, ect.

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