Ukrainian postal service announces new stamp commemorating Zelensky’s fake warship story

"Russian Warship, Go F@ck Yourself" Postage Stamp

No matter how you feel about Russia and Ukraine, you will probably agree that this type of government-sponsored fake news/propaganda should be denounced and rejected.

On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a border guard on a tiny Black Sea island posted a social media video saying, “Russian Warship, Go F@ck Yourself.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky then falsely claimed that thirteen border guards had been killed on the island by a Russian missile strike. He said all thirteen men would be awarded the “Hero of Ukraine” posthumously. Zelensky’s words were repeated over and over by a gleeful media outlets worldwide.

Russian-owned media then posted a video of the border guards very much alive and unharmed at a Russian naval base in Crimea. The Ukrainian Border Guard service then announced that the men were alive. In reality, there was no armed conflict on the island. There was no missile strike on the island. It wasn’t even thirteen border guards, but well over two dozen.

In reality, the border guard complied with Russian demands to lay down their weapons and surrender.

Nevertheless, the phrase “Russian Warship, Go F@ck Yourself” is chanted at rallies, it appears on billboards in Ukraine, and now it is a new postage stamp.

The Ukrainian postal service even held a competition for people to vote on their favorite design for the stamp.

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