Two women facing minor wrist slaps for livestreaming abuse of elderly patient

"Ain't no help you!"

Two Black females live-streamed themselves abusing and humiliating an elderly White female with dementia. They were posting live videos on Snapchat for their friends.

Despite statements from the county sheriff about how vile the crime was, the pair will likely only face minor charges.

They have been charged with video voyeurism and exploitation of the elderly. Under Florida law, exploitation of the elderly is primarily related to economic exploitation. The level of the crime is based on how much money was stolen. There is no allegation of any money being taken. Florida’s charge of video voyeurism is automatically a misdemeanor if the perp is under 19. This charge can be a felony, but that is largely based on an economic component. It is a felony if you sell the video for profit.

Jada Harris, 18, was given a bond of $4k. Shy’Tiona Bishop, 20, was given a bond of $6k.

Remember that suspects generally only have to put up 10% of a bond. So the pair can be out of jail for as little as $1,000. Most likely, the pair will be given plea bargains for minor misdemeanors. They will probably do a tiny amount of community service at best.

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