Young thugs pampered with 21 day juvie sentences for stealing 22 guns


Two thugs, aged 11 and 14, are on video breaking into a gun store, stealing 22 guns and numerous boxes of ammunition. Now they are being wrist slapped with comically short 21-day sentences in juvenile detention. That is less than one day for each gun stolen.

Even the father of the two thugs says he is outraged by the short sentence. He says the two boys are very likely to end up dead because they are so coddled by the judicial system.

Most media outlets are censoring the identities of the perps. However, Channel 2 NBC identified them as Lucas and Felix Ayala. The 14-year-old has past juvenile convictions.

The 14 year old attempted to break into Larry’s Pawn Shop last year. When he failed to get inside, he robbed a WAWA cashier using a hammer. Police say the boys could be linked to dozens of crimes.

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