Three charged with attempted mob killing of a police officer

Aurora is experiencing a surge in violent crime right now

Sheba Taylor, 26, of Aurora, Jennifer Taylor, 24, of Chicago, and Paul Sherrod Taylor, 28, of Aurora, have all been charged with felony attempted murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery for the June 21st attempted murder of an Aurora, IL police officer.

The trio allegedly savagely beat, stomped, and strangled a police officer who pulled them over for running a stop sign. After the brutal assault, Paul Sherrod makes a call to 911 and screams, “your officers are terrorizing my family.” He alleges that he was just attacked by “a wild ass police officer.” He then threatens to murder a police officer saying, “I’m not playing no more.”

The officer was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The violent trio has been released on bond. They are not due back in court again until September.

Aurora is one of many cities that have seen violence explode since the BLM riots.

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