Five recent brutal murders with suspects aged 16 or less. They are all likely to be back on the streets in their 20s.

Suspects in 2021 murders that are 16 or under

It is being estimated that homicide rates surged as much as 30% nationwide in the USA last year. This website has been working to document some of this. So far, homicide rates for January still seem to be at the same elevated levels we say last year. There also seems to be a lot of very young people being arrested and charged with murder.

After the Walmart stabbing, there was a manhunt for the 13 year old suspect.
Melanie Lyons was the victim of the attack. She was murdered on her birthday.

Perhaps the most extreme case comes from Lake Charles, LA. A 13 year old girl has been charged with stabbing a 15 year old girl to death inside a Walmart!

On January 23th, a group of girls aged 12-14 were involved in an attack on a 15 year old girl inside a Walmart. A 13 year old girl is accused of stealing a knife inside the store and stabbing the 15 year old victim to death. She has been charged with second degree murder. Three other girls ages 12, 13, and 14 have been charged with accessory to second degree murder.

Apparently, the suspects began harassing the victim at a movie theater and followed her into the Walmart. Video of the murder was live streamed on Facebook.

The event absolutely rocked the community. The local Parish Deputy Sheriff pleaded with parents to get their children under control.

“This is not something we can police our way out of. I just don’t feel like this is a police matter. This is a parenting issue. People need to know where their kids are. They need to know what’s going on in their lives.” – Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso

Let that sink in. While the media rails about “hate speech” on Gab & Parler, a 15 year old girl being stabbed to death was live streamed on Facebook and not one single media outlet ever attack Facebook over it.

Uber driver stabbed and bludgeoned to death.

On January 21st, a sixty year old Uber driver was slaughtered in Detroit. Two teens aged 15 and 16 are accused of killing him with a hammer and a knife.

Devin Delon McKee, 16, and Lanyah Quan Brady, 15, have both been charged with first degree murder for the killing of Timothy Marcus Perkins, a 60-year-old Uber driver from Southfield.

Perkins was found dying on the street in a Detroit neighborhood. He was rushed to the hospital but declared dead shortly after.

The two suspects have been charged as adult perpetrators.

The suspects are 15 & 16 years old.

On January 23rd, a mother of three stabbed to death while working for Uber Eats in Haltom City, Texas.

Ryan Munsie, 31, was found stabbed to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex. She was delivering food at the time.

Two 14 year olds have been charged with capitol murder. Information about the suspects is being withheld because of their age.

On January 16th, a sixteen year old on parole (yes on parole!) allegedly shot and killed a man in Salem, Oregon. He is also accused of injuring a woman.

Gerardo Trujillo-Torres opened fire on Joshua Steward, 24 and his unnamed female companion as they were sitting in a car. Steward sped off, but died and the car wrecked.

Gerardo Trujillo-Torres has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, intentional first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon. However, he is not new to the system. He was previously charged with convicted of third-degree assault, a felony, and multiple misdemeanors, including criminal mischief, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to a juvenile facility until Jan. 25, 2025!

Instead of serving five years, he was paroled in seven months! The murder of Joshua Steward was made possible by an ultra-politicized, lenient, and “progressive” Oregon Youth Authority. But don’t worry, the Oregon Youth Authority says they will “review the case” to see if anything could have been done differently.

Last year the Oregon legislature passed a “progressive justice reform” law that makes it extremely difficult to prosecute perpetrators aged 15 to 17 as adults! Even for murder! This means, that no matter what Trujillo-Torres is convicted off, he will most likely be convicted as a “juvenile.” Oregon state law says juvenile convicts must be released by their 25th birthday. The victim, Joshua Steward will almost certainly never get justice. 

Gerardo Trujillo-Torres will most likely face an absolute maximum of less than nine years because of the Oregon’s new law! No picture has been released.

Eva Fuld had been a long time public school teacher in NY.

On January 21st, an 84 year old woman was stabbed to death during a home invasion in Syracuse, New York. A fourteen year old has been charged with murder.

Jahkim Robinson, 14, has been charged with second degree murder and first degree robbery. Eva Fuld, 84, was stabbed and beaten to death inside her home. It took four days for her death to be discovered.`

Shortly after the murder, Robinson was driving Fuld’s Hyundai sedan. New York State Troopers tried to pull him over and he led them on a high speed chase. Eventually he crashed the car. Two other fourteen year olds were inside the car with him.

Robinson and the other two unnamed individuals were all charged with being in possession of stolen property and immediately released from police custody. Fuld’s body was discovered hours later.

Robinson was also found to be in possession of other valuables from Fuld’s house. No picture has been released.

Do you know of any other murder suspects, aged 16 or young, that have been charged with a committing murder in 2021? Send us a message.

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