Swiss city places full sized sculpture of naked transsexual on display as “art”

On the corner of BARFüssergasse

Jade Guanaro

Jade Guanaro is an American male transsexual who has a history of nude public appearances and displaying images of his genitals in public. He calls this “revolutionary art.”

Guanaro recently delivered a lecture naked at Northwestern University. Most likely at great cost to the University. He has made a lucrative career out of exhibitionism and a possible autosexuality disorder.

Now a full-sized sculpture of his naked body has been put on public display in the Swiss city of Basel. The sculpture was based on a full-sized 3D scan and 3D printout of himself. This is being sponsored by the notorious Art Basel, which promotes so-called “modern art.”

The statue is located at the intersection of Freie Strasse, Bäumleingasse, and the appropriately named BARFüssergasse. The statue is falsely labeled “WOMAN” on the pedestal.

This is a trendy retail district. The statue is surrounded by high-end clothing stores and a Starbucks coffee shop.

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