Surprise! San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin reneges on pledge to prosecute “mob and rob” thugs with felonies

Crime is being allowed to explode in San Francisco on purpose

Crime has exploded in the Bay Area because multiple “progressive” District Attorneys believe in coddling criminals as victims of circumstance. At the forefront is Chesa Boudin, the son of two convicted terrorists. His parents were involved in the murder of two police officers and a security guard when he was one year old. Bill Ayers, another convicted terrorist, adopted him. Boudin was groomed from a young age to be a leader of the far-left. George Soros spent $600k to get him elected as DA.

San Francisco is now plagued by organizing, pre-planned looting of high-end luxury stores. The media calls it “organized retail theft.”

On November 19th, Luis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent stores was looted in Union Square, while a cannabis dispensary was targeted at the same time. Around two dozen Black males and females were caught on cellphone videos participating in the looting. Nine suspects were arrested and dubbed the “The Union Square Looters” in media reports. Each suspect was charged with numerous felonies, including charges like grand theft, receiving stolen property, commercial burglary, obstructing a police officer, and looting during a state of emergency. Boudin publicly vowed to prosecute them with felonies.

Now, the first two suspects have already had all their felonies dropped in exchange for pleading guilty to one misdemeanor each. One of the suspects only had to plead guilty to misdemeanor trespassing! He went from three felony charges to a minor trespassing charge.

Michael Ray, 27, who was initially charged with four felonies, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor burglary. Raynard Jones, 32, who was initially charged with three felonies, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespassing. All felony charges were dropped against each of them. Instead of prison time, the District Attorney’s office agreed to give them “credit for time survived.” After their arrest, Ray spent five days in county jail, and Jones spent ten days. Ray will allegedly be ordered to pay restitution to Connected Cannabis, but he probably never will. Other than that, they will be “on probation” for one year.

At this point, no one believes any of the remaining seven suspects will be prosecuted with a felony either. Boudin is hellbent on pampering criminals.

Brooke Jenkins is a former San Francisco prosecutor leading a campaign to recall Boudin. She stated, “what’s unique about this situation is that the D.A. gave a press conference indicating a strong opinion that the conduct was felony conduct, which suggests that the D.A.’s Office believed that they had sufficient evidence to support those charges.”

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