No witnesses or suspects four days after six people were found murdered in a Milwaukee duplex

Milwaukee is experiencing a record homicide rate

Milwaukee experienced its highest homicide rate in history last year. According to local media, police had only arrested a suspect in 29% of homicides by the end of the year. While a few perpetrators committed suicide, the clearance rate is dismal. An overwhelming majority of all homicides in Milwaukee are Black on Black.

2022 is off to a bad start with sextuple murder. Now, four days later, police say there are no witnesses and no suspect.

Charles L. Hardy, 42, Caleb A. Jordan, 23, Javoni Liddell, 31, Donald Smith, 43, Donta Williams, 44, and Michelle Williams, 49, were all found murdered inside a duplex. Michelle and Donta Williams lived at the duplex along with Donald Smith. According to a relative of Caleb Jordan, he was recently homeless and taken in by the Williams.

Police had been asked to make a welfare check at the duplex Sunday after and discovered five bodies. A sixth body was found Monday. Police say everyone was killed execution-style. 

The story seems to have only received local coverage. The national media have ignored it. Milwaukee currently has one of the highest homicide rates of any large city in America.

Milwaukee, WI:

1991: 165 (623k, 26.5 homicides per 100k) former record for highest number and highest rate
2019: 97 (580k, 16.7 per 100k) a four year low
2020: 190 (577k, 32.9 homicides per 100k) this was a new record at the time

2021: 205 (576k, 35.6 homicides per 100k) another new record for highest number and highest rate

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