State of California mass doxes all “assault rifle” owners and concealed carry permit applicants

Was it an accidental "data breach" or an intentional doxing?

The California state government publicly doxed all people who applied for a concealed carry permit or complied with the assault rifle registry during the past ten years. Giving out their names, home addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and even birthdays.

Even those who applied for a CCW permit but were denied had their information given out. The state of California launched a new website with a searchable database of CCW permit applicants and legal gun owners who complied with California’s assault rifle registry.

After mass public outrage, the State of California alleged that the searchable database was an “accident.” Some media outlets are dutifully supporting the government’s narrative calling it a “data breach.”

Others are calling it intentional doxing by the extreme left from inside the California government.

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