Sweden & Finland make major concessions to Turkey in order to join NATO

Turkey scores major victory in war against PKK/PYD/YPG

Sweden and Finland gave in to all of Turkey’s demands, and the three signed a trilateral memorandum.

In exchange for a yes vote from Turkey, Sweden and Finland both agreed to:

agreed to lift any and all arms embargos against Turkey
cease all support for PYD/YPG in Syria (which America arms and funds)
designate the PKK a terrorist group
condemn future terrorist attacks on Turkey and express solidarity with Turkish victims
establish full cooperation with Turkish law enforcement
cooperate with Turkish extradition requests
interdict PKK and other terrorist financing
help Turkey fight “disinformation” from terrorist groups
This agreement was signed by the foreign ministers of Sweden, Finland, and Turkey.

The PKK and its Syrian affiliate are very popular among the far-left in Europe. Sweden and Finland have been a haven for them, where they could operate openly. Now they have been thrown under the bus.

Turkey is fighting a war against PKK and PKK-affiliated groups. The Turkish army is occupying areas of Syria and Iraq and has announced its intentions to expand the occupation deeper into the Rojava region of Syria.

America funds and arms the YPG, the armed wing of the PYD, which is the Syrian branch of the PKK. The PYD/YPG has Kurdish enemies, but they were suppressed and exiled to Iraq during the Syrian civil war. PYD/YPG-controlled Rojava is a single-party Marxist state. The Turkish military, and Turkish-funded proxies like the pan-Turkic Grey Wolves, are fighting against the YPG.
The USA and Russia oppose Turkey’s plan to expand its occupation of Rojava.

It is also rumored that the Biden administration promised Turkey they could buy F-16s without the original precondition that they cease using Russian S-400 anti-aircraft batteries.


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