Since February, feds have released over seven thousand Covid-19 positive illegal aliens into McAllen, TX

Catch and release includes large numbers of Covid-19 positive aliens

Photo from CBP circa January, 2021. Seventy-one illegal aliens caught near McAllen.

Javier Villalobos, the mayor of McAllen, says over 7,000 Covid-19 positive aliens have been released in McAllen by US Customs and Border Protection Agency [CBP] since mid-February. This is part of the “catch and release,” a policy that Biden resumed shortly after being sworn in as president. They are being housed right inside McAllen, on 23rd street, in a densely populated area.

Hidalgo County, where McAllen is located, just issued a declaration of emergency. New tent facilities to house Covid-19 positive aliens will be erected on county-owned property near an existing CBP operation.

CBP brings illegal aliens into McAllen where a private non-profit group, Catholic Charities, provides them with free services. The non-profit is also accused of transporting these aliens from McAllen to other cities across America. Catholic Charities is a radical open borders group that helps fund mass immigration into the USA. Alex Jones made waves when he filmed some of the group’s nefarious activities in McAllen earlier this year.

McAllen is home to about 141k US citizens.

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