Scottish National Party elects anti-White Muslim as new leader

Publicly advocates the replacement of the Scottish people in Scotland

The far-left socialist Scottish National Party is the largest political party in Scotland. Today they elected Humza Yousaf to be their new party leader. He will also serve as the new First Minister of Scotland, which is the head of Parliament.

Yousaf was born in Glasgow to Central Asian immigrants. His father was from Pakistan. His mother’s family were Central Asian colonists in Kenya. When Britain ended White rule in Kenya, they fled to Scotland. He is also a practicing Muslim. Yousaf has a history of denouncing people solely for being White. He advocates for mass immigration, dispossession, and the replacement of the Scottish people.

Here is Humza Yousaf in 2020, angrily calling for disposing of “White” people in the Scottish leadership. At the time of this speech, the Scottish Parliament was already at least 4.7% non-White, with three Pakistani, two Indians, and one Bangladeshi. Pakistani are wildly overrepresented in the Scottish Parliament compared to their share of the population. They make up 2.3% of the parliament, but less than 1% of the population.

As recently as last January, Yousaf denounced the British government for allegedly having “very prohibitive and restrictive immigration rules.” According the British office of national statistics, Britain is taking in over 90,000 “long term” immigrants per months, with 64% coming from non-EU nations.

Scottish Census:

1991: 98.74% White, .86% Asian, .18% Arab, .07% Black

2001: 97.99% White, 1.41% Asian, .25% Mixed, .19% Other, .12% Black

2011: 96.02% White, 2.66% Asian, .68% Black, .37% Mixed, .27% Other

The 2021 census was postponed to 2022 due to the Covid-19 lockdown. The full data has not been published yet. We do know that from 2012 to 2021, Scottish school children dropped from 92.8% White to 88.7%. The percentage classified as White Scottish saw a much bigger drop. From 86.3% to 76.2%.

The Pakistani National Assembly is 336 Muslims, 6 Hindus, and zero Christians. There are also zero members who are immigrants, or the children of immigrants from Europa.  

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