Polling data from Reddit’s largest socialist forum; Most are young, live with parents, and support violence

Reddit’s r/socialist forum has 352K “comrades” and might be the single largest online community of socialists in the Western world.

Recently, many users participated in a poll. The results are not scientific, but they are very predictable.

Very Young. Live with parents. Middle and upper-class families. Never had a working-class job. Support violence.

82.5% are 25 or younger. 21% are under 18.

71.4% say they are non-religious. Only 8.8% identify as Christian.

61% live with parents or other relatives. 30.1% rent their own place and only 4.3% own a home.

56.7% are students.

25.5% identity as “poor.”

14.2% say that citizens should have unrestricted freedom of speech.

72.7% say they support violent rioting. Another 15.8% say they do not support it but will not condemn it either.

44.5% support violent revolution to achieve Socialism. Another 13.7% support “direct action” which is a euphemism for violence.

76.5% have never been a member of a labor union.

60.4% live in the USA. Another 14.4% live in Canada or the UK.

55.3% have only been interested in socialism for less than three years.

10.4% say they are either “transgendered” or are unsure about it.

39.8% say they are either a “gender, sexual, or romantic minority” or are unsure about it.

26.8% identify as Anarcho-Communist, an oxymoron traditionally used by American Antifa. 83.9% say they are willing to work with Anarcho-Communists.

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