Pedestrians stand around watching 14-year-old getting beaten & mugged at gunpoint

Another shock crime video from NYC

A group of young Black males are on video mugging a 14-year-old Black male at gunpoint. It occurred in New York City near Pier 2 of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Pedestrians can be seen standing around and filming the mugging with their cellphone. The attack took place in a crowded area in broad daylight.

The victim’s mother, Alasha Gut, told the media, “I was shocked. He called me after it happened and he was still shaking and distraught. A lot of people wouldn’t help him because they were scared too. He knows none of them,” Guy said of her son’s attackers. He’s never seen them.”

The unnamed victim was assaulted, held on the ground at gunpoint, and robbed of his cellphone, debit card, ID, hat, and sneakers.

Every day, shocking new videos of brazen crimes are coming out of New York City, Los Angeles, and other major US cities.

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