Dangerous thug, pardoned by former KY Gov Matt Bevin, accused of trying to strangle three different women

Victim was able to shoot Bandy with his own gun!

Former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issued over 400 pardons during his final months in office in 2019. These pardons have been generating controversies in the state ever since. Bevin was widely accused of being reckless.

One of those pardons went to Joheim Bandy, 20, who was sentenced to thirteen years in prison less than two years earlier. The pardon even allowed Bandy to carry a firearm legally!

Police now believe that Bandy has attempted to strangle three different women.

During the third attack, he was armed with a gun. The victim was able to grab his gun and shoot him in the shoulder with it.

Will he actually be punished for his crimes this time?

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