PA House sets up committee to review the case for impeachment of Philly DA Larry Krasner

Backlash growing against extreme-left DAs

Larry Krasner is an ideologically motivated “progressive prosecutor.” He believes it is the job of the District Attorney to reduce the number of Black males in custody. George Soros spent $1.4 million to fund his campaign in 2017.

Since Krasner took power, homicides in Philadelphia have exploded. The homicide clearance rate has collapsed, especially for Black on Black homicides, which are most of the homicides in the city.

There is a massive backlash against the ideologically motivated “progressive prosecutors,” even in the nation’s far-left cities. San Francisco voters recalled their Soros-funded progressive prosecutor Chesa Boudin earlier this month. There is a significant effort in Los Angeles to recall Soros-funded DA George Gascón.

On June 29th, Pennsylvania Representatives voted 114-86 in favor of House Resolution 216. This will set up a “Committee on Restoring Order” to review the actions of Larry Krasner and how he is using public funds. After reviewing the DA’s work, they will make recommendations.

The vote was partisan primarily. Four Democrats and a lone independent voted in favor. One Republican voted against it. The committee will consist of three Republicans and two Democrats.

They will make recommendations on the following:

(1) Determinations regarding the performance of public officials empowered to enforce the law in the City of Philadelphia, including the district attorney, and recommendations for removal from office or other appropriate discipline, including impeachment.
(2) Legislation or other legislative action relating to policing, prosecution, sentencing and any other aspect of law enforcement.
(3) Legislation or other legislative action relating to ensuring the protection, enforcement and delivery of appropriate services and compensation to crime victims.
(4) Legislation or other legislative action relating to ensuring the appropriate expenditure of public funds intended for the purpose of law enforcement, prosecutions or to benefit crime victims.
(5) Other legislative action as the select committee finds necessary to ensure appropriate enforcement of law and order in the City of Philadelphia;

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