NYC to make hundreds of Blacks and Latinos millionaires for being failures

They all failed to pass an easy teacher's exam

Thousands of Black and Latino college grads, who failed an easy teacher’s exam, are poised to be showered in free cash. Some are even being rewarded with as much as $2 million.

Suppose you were Black or Latino, and you failed the NYSTCE Liberal Arts and Sciences Exam between 1994 to 2014. You will now receive a windfall of free cash for failing the simple teacher’s exam called the “NYSTCE Liberal Arts and Sciences Exam.” Many were given numerous attempts to pass and failed every time.

New York City has set aside $1.8 Billion to give free cash to 5,200 Black and Latinos wealthy for being failures. At least 225 people will get over one million dollars, with some receiving as much as $2 million.

Meanwhile, White people who failed the test get nothing.

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