New York media CENSORS effort by NYPD to get justice for Asian hate crime victims

New York media doesn't actually want the victims to get justice

The newly created NYPD task force against anti-Asian hate crimes held a press conference today. They disclosed that six suspects in anti-Asian attacks have been arrested. They displayed a handout with their mugshots with a hotline number. The NYPD theorized that some of the suspects would have other victims, and they want those victims to come forward.

The local media widely reported on the press conference but absolutely censored the handout. This is because all six are non-White. One is an Arab, and the rest appear to be Black. Police are also searching for multiple other suspects, all of whom are Black males. The media is censoring the perpetrators of these crimes and instead continued their wildly disingenuous false narrative that Asians are victims of White Trump supporters.

The media did not care about the fact that there may be other victims. Censoring the race of the perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes was more important than getting justice for the victims. 

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said that uncover officers will be deployed to areas with large Asian populations to fight this violence. The NYPD has also shamelessly pandered to the media by blaming Black on Asian hate crimes on the fact that the coronavirus originated in China. In reality, Black on Asian hate crimes has been occurring frequently for at least the past four decades.

Black rioters famously targetted Koreans alongside White people during the 1992 LA riots. One of the most famous “gangster rappers” of all time, Ice Cube, published a song targeting East Asians for violence all the way back in 1991. (Ice Cube also published numerous songs about killing White people.)

Every time I wanna go get a f@#$in’ brew
I gotta go down to the store with the two
Oriental one penny countin’ motherf@#$ers
That make a nigga mad enough to cause a little ruckus

“Look, you little Chinese motherf@#$er
I ain’t tryin’ to steal none of yo’ shit, leave me alone!”

So don’t follow me up and down your market
Or your little chop suey ass’ll be a target

So pay respect to the black fist
Or we’ll burn your store right down to a crisp

Koreans have been particularly targetted by Black militants, who accuse them of financially “raping” the Black community with Korean-run Beauty Supply Stores. This is in relation to the human hair weave industry. The industry is overwhelmingly controlled by Koreans, but the customer base is overwhelmingly Black women. The hair itself comes from India and Peru. Black militant groups have even justified violence and theft against these stores.

There are long histories of Black on Asian hate crimes occurring in San Fransisco, New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and many other cities. This is not a new phenomenon.

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