Missouri school district jettisons anti-White resolution passed during BLM rioting

Five of the previous seven board members have now been replaced

The Francis Howell School District is one of six in St. Charles County, MO.

In 2020, the School Board adopted a radical anti-White “Anti-Racist” resolution during the nationwide BLM/Antifa riots. This resolution, which demonizes White people, was hung in all schools in the district.

Since then, a group called Francis Howell Families PAC [FHF] has formed to elect new board members. In April of 2022, two candidates backed by FHF won seats on the seven-member school board. In April of 2023, three more candidates backed by FHF were elected,

The board now consists of five new people and two remaining members who signed the radical 2020 resolution.

The FHF has voted to wipe the slate clean and “expire” all resolutions passed by the board members they replaced. The resolution will be removed from public display at schools.

The radical left in St. Louis is throwing a temper tantrum.

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

In 2021, Francis Howell Families described the anti-racism resolution as “woke activism” and drafted an alternative “against all acts of racial discrimination, including the act of promoting tenets of the racially-divisive Critical Race Theory, labels of white privilege, enforced equity of outcomes, identity politics, intersectionalism, and Marxism … the Board hereby declares its commitment to establishing, supporting, and sustaining a culture of racial harmony and goodwill districtwide.”

From FHF:

Francis Howell Families PAC recruits, supports, and educates candidates for the school board who support academic excellence, transparent accountability, and fiscal responsibility while encouraging in students a strong work ethic, good character, and respect for our Nation’s founding principles.

We reject attempts to divide people by race, gender, or other immutable characteristics or to teach that those characteristics determine their destiny.  Instead, we work to create a district that provides a high-quality, knowledge-based education for all students so they can be fully prepared to participate in civil society.

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