Microsoft owned LinkedIn keeps censoring articles by Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff

LinkedIn is not doing this for science!

Martin Kulldorff is an epidemiologist at Harvard University Medical School and a senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute. Since last August, at least three articles he has written have been censored by LinkedIn.

One of the banned articles was an overview of statements by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson, the chief epidemiologist of Iceland. Kulldorf was informed that the article “violated community standards.”

The Brownstone Institute is accusing LinkedIn of suppressing legitimate scientific research on Covid-19 immunity. LinkedIn is specifically supposed to be an academic, social media site.

The latest article to be censored was an article Kulldorff wrote defending nurses at Harvard University. While LinkedIn did not completely delete it, they placed it in a special shadow banned status so no one can find it and tell what it is.

Kulldorff stated:

“Hospitals are firing nurses and other staff with superior natural immunity while retaining those with weaker vaccine-induced immunity. By doing so, they are betraying their patients, increasing their risk for hospital-acquired infections. If university hospitals cannot get the medical evidence right on the basic science of immunity, how can we trust them with any other aspects of our health?”

The article was wildly liked and shared for the first hour, before LinkedIn shadow banned it.

Last week, LinkedIn deleted an article by Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker that argued against the politicization of Covid-19.

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