Mega-LARP: Australia’s new White Senator who made a career out of claiming to be a “Black” Aborigine

She is like Shaun King on steroids!

Linda Thorpe and her line of “proud Black women.”

Lidia Thorpe is a new far-left Australian senator representing the Green Party. She previous held a seat in the regional parliament of Victoria.

Before becoming a Senator, she spent decades holding lucrative government jobs with titles like Aboriginal employment adviser, Indigenous manager, and Indigenous administrator. In 2013, she discharged almost a half million worth of debt in bankruptcy court and blamed it on her allegedly alcoholic ex-husband.

Despite appearing European, she describes herself as coming “from a long line of proud Black women.” She calls herself an Australian Aborigine. Thorpe also insists that she doesn’t consider herself “Australian” because this “is a concept imposed on our people.”

Thorpe has repeatedly claimed that she suffered horrible “racism” and persecution as a young child for being Aborigine. She has stated, “at school where my cousin and I were the only black kids, students and teachers picked on me for being Aboriginal.”

Thorpe claims that White Australians are “privileged” and that she had to work far harder than a White person to become a senator. Last year, she denounced the Northern Territory Attorney-General for being “White” and “male.” The actual Attorney-General is Selena Aibu, an Aboriginal female.

Thorpe has two fair-skinned daughters with naturally red hair. The gene for naturally red hair is recessive and means she can not have a large percentage of Aboriginal ancestry. She has posted many pictures of her very White family on her Facebook page.

Many left-wing Australian media outlets indulge her fantasy and describe her as an “Indigenous senator.”

Selena Uibo. Lidia Thorpe famously denounced her for being a “typical White male.”
Lidia Thorpe with her current, very White husband.
Lidia Thorpe’s mother, who she describes as being “Black” and a descendant of three different Aboriginal tribes.

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