Mass shooting in Memphis: 5 shot, 3 killed, no media

At least four mass shootings occurred on March 26th

While the media’s fixates on extremely specific mass shootings, dozens of other mass shootings are ignored. Friday night, five people were shot in a mass shooting on the north side of Memphis, TN.

Police say Michael Tucker, a 49-year-old Black male, is the perpetrator. He is currently at large and considered armed and dangerous. No information is available on the victims yet other than gender. The deceased are two males and a female. The injured are a male and a female.

Outside of the immediate area, no media outlets are even talking about it.

There were three other mass shootings Friday. In Virginia Beach, eight people were shot, zero killed. Multiple Black males have been arrested.

In Philadelphia, seven people were shot outside a bar. Three of the victims are in critical condition. Police have arrested a suspect, but no information on the suspect has been released.

In Chicago, a Black male opened fire at another “pop-up party.” Eight people were shot. Danteh Thomas, a 27-year-old Black male, was killed.

This website has been tracking mass shootings in 2021.

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