California is adding thousands of newly arrived illegal aliens to its foster care system

The children will be fast tracked for US citizenship

California’s foster care system is adding thousands of minors whose parents illegally sent them across the US border. E-mails and automated telephone calls from the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division [CCLD] confirm this.

Foster parents in California receive more money per foster child than in any other state in the country. Once approved by the CCLD, they get a minimum of $25 per day per child. However, this can quickly go far higher. The money is considered a subsidy and not subject to income taxes. Medicare covers the children’s medical expenses. California is among the states most notorious for having “professional” foster parents. People whose primary source of income are these subsidies.

Some are alleging that the State is suspending the six-child limit so foster parents can take in more people. However, there could be some confusion here because the CCLD also gives money to centers that house larger numbers of foster children, either waiting on families to become available or who need some kind of specialized care.

According to the American Bar Association, a foreign-born child in a state-run foster care system, even if they are in the country illegally, can qualify for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status [SIJS]. All they have to do is allege that they were “abused, neglected, or abandoned.” Of course, there are all kinds of non-profits coaching the migrants on what to say. You also have large numbers of people over 18 who simply lie about their age when they arrive.

Once they have SIJS status, they are eligible for a VISA and permanent residence status without returning to their home country and going through a US consolute. They are essentially fast-tracked for legal residency and, in turn, fast-tracked for citizenship.

California is in the middle of a budget crisis and recently slashed its state budget for children’s services by $90.5 million.

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3 years ago

Is this how they plan to replace all the people fleeing the state?