Martha’s Vineyard outraged over the arrival of fifty illegal aliens. Immediately deports them to a military base.

Illegals for thee, but not for me

Martha’s Vineyard is considered a playground for wealthy elites, especially those on the left. The Obama family owns a house here. The Clinton family regularly vacations here. The island’s 16k residents contribute significant amounts of money to far-left causes.

The Florida state government sent fifty of its illegal aliens to the island to prove a point. It worked. Even though the island’s residents are associated with open borders politics, they do not want any illegal immigrants in their community.

When the illegal aliens arrived, the residents were outraged. The wealthy elites immediately called on the state of Massachusetts to remove them from their community. State authorities transported the aliens to Joint Base Cape Cod, a US military facility.

Dozens of American politicians, who promote open borders, are now calling for a DOJ investigation into Florida State Governor Ron DeSantis. There is an agenda to keep the border open. However, part of this agenda involves illegal aliens remaining in Texas and Florida. This is so they eventually become voters and transform the electorate. It is part of a long-term campaign to undermine American democracy by changing the electorate. Wealthy left-wing elites in Massachusetts promote open borders but refuse to share the burden created by illegals.

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