Major terrorist attack in Waukesha, WI

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Update: The suspect has been identified.

Update: The death toll is now five dead and over thirty other people injured.

There was a terrorist attack on the annual Waukesha, WI Christmas parade.

A red SUV smashed through police barricades and then intentionally mowed down a High School marching band. At least twenty-three people were injured. There are claims on social media that two of the victims have died. About half the injured are said to be under 18.

The perpetrator fled the scene and parked the SUV in a driveway. He is now in custody. The authorities have not released any details about him. However, there are claims that a police officer described the suspect as a “Black male” over the scanner. A witness described the perp as “a Black male with dreadlocks” on a live newscast. Blurry photographs appear to show a Black male driving the SUV.

There are reports of shots fired from the vehicle. However, police say an officer fired at the car as it smashed through a barricade.

Waukesha is an outer suburb of Milwaukee. It is about 85% White and 3% Black.

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