Jason Billingsley allegedly tried to burn three people alive

The man they refused to keep in prison

Jason Billingsley was a habitual violent criminal and class three sex offender coddled and protected by the soft-on-crime policies of the state of Maryland, the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office, and Baltimore City Circuit Court judges.

After three rounds of violent crimes, he was sentenced to thirty years. However, the judge suspended sixteen years, most likely due to a plea bargain. He was denied parole in 2020 and 2022. Then, Maryland state officials ordered his automatic mandatory release in late 2022 for “diminution credits.” Ultimately, he served about eight years of a thirty-year sentence!

In Maryland, even class three sex offenders are subject to the same aggressive mandatory early release rules. He was already listed as “non-compliant” on the sex offender registry for failing to provide authorities with his new address.

On September 25th, Baltimore tech entrepreneur Pava LaPere was found beaten to death on the roof of her apartment building. Her clothes were partially removed.

At 12:30 AM this morning, it was confirmed that he was apprehended at a train station in Prince George’s County.

He is being charged with first-degree murder and other crimes for killing Pava LaPere.

He is also being charged with a home invasion, rape, and arson attack that hospitalized an entire family.

Police say he kicked in the door of a Baltimore home early in the morning on September 19th. He held two adult victims at gunpoint and duct-taped them. A woman was then raped, and her neck was slashed.

Billingsley poured a liquid on the two and set them and the home on fire.

Both adults were seriously injured with burns and smoke inhalation. They were initially listed as being in critical condition. A five-year-old was injured with smoke inhalation.

The male victim has been named as Jonte Gilmore, 26. He has been undergoing skin grafts for his burns. The female victim is also 26.

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