UN calls for extreme soft on crime policies in the USA

Make America One Giant Baltimore

The UN sent a three-man team of professional activists to the United States to devise solutions to fix our “racist” country. They met with Black racial grievance activists in DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

The trio calls themselves the International Independent Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in the Context of Law Enforcement.

The alleged “experts” consist of:

Tracie L. Keesee, the former NYPD Deputy Commissioner of NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion. She also works for a variety of left-wing non-profit activist groups.

Juan E. Méndez, professor of Human Rights Law at American University-Washington College of Law. He spent fifteen years working for the far-left advocacy group Human Rights Watch.

Yvonne Mokgoro, a former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. She was also part of the South African Law Reform Commission.

They issued an official thirty-two page UN Report titled, International Independent Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in the Context of Law Enforcement: Visit to the United States.

The trio calls for America to adopt extreme soft-on-crime policies nationwide. The same kind of policies that led to the horror show that just unfolded in Baltimore. The same policies that are causing cities and states nationwide to set new all-time homicide rate records.

The activists begin the report by declaring that “systemic racism” affects every aspect of the lives of Blacks.

The recommendations:

IV(A) Greater respect for the human rights of criminals.

IV(B) Nationwide regulations to restrict the use of force.

IV(C) Place less attention on Blacks, even if they commit higher violent crime rates.

IV(D) Restrict the use of facial recognition technology because it somehow discriminates against Blacks.

IV(E) Law enforcement must address the (fictional) narrative that Blacks are disproportionately killed by law enforcement.

IV(F) End law enforcement traffic stops. Replace them with traffic enforcement cameras and civilian traffic enforcement.

IV(G) Deploy social workers as an alternative to police.

IV(H) Reduce the number of law enforcement in schools and restrict what they can do.

IV(I) Grant amnesty for all illegal aliens from Haiti.

IV(I) Mental health care for law enforcement.

IV(J) End law enforcement actions to stop violent BLM and Antifa “protesters.”

IV(K) Target the police for federal charges for “unlawful use of force.”

V(A) Reduce the number of Black in jails and prisons.

V(B) Special treatment for incarcerated pregnant women.

V(C) Greater special treatment for criminals aged 15-17. Make criminals under 15 immune from prosecution.

V(D) Reduce pre-trial detention.

V(E) Immediate access to a free lawyer after being arrested.

V(F) End life in prison.

V(G) End what is left of the death penalty.

V(H) End solitary confinement.

V(I) Greater emphasis on mental health treatment over imprisonment.

V(J) Criminals should not be required to work in prison.

V(K) Convicted felons should all be allowed to vote.

V(I) Address wild 32+ year old allegations of torture in Chicago jails.

V(H) Special consideration for homeless.

V(N) End the war on drugs.

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