This is how New York local media described a dangerous at-large murder suspect

Political correctness is more important than public safety

Tommy Bailey, a 43 year old Black male, was stabbed to death on train in New York City. Alvin Charles, a 43 year old Black homeless man, has now been arrested and charged.

There were numerous witnesses who described the attacker to police. Local media outlets had the description. However, they did not want to mention that the suspect was Black. Even though he posed an ongoing danger to the public, numerous media outlets decided that political correctness was more important than public safety.

ABC WABC-TV Channel 7: A man.

New York Daily News: 5’9″, grey sweatshirt, and gold teeth.

New York PIX 11: grey sweatshirt and gold teeth

For all they knew, this man could have killed again before being apprehended. However, that was not the priority. The priority was to downplay and hide Black crime as much as possible.

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