House Armed Services Committee votes 35-24 to draft women

The female draft is here

The female draft is here. The House Armed Services Committee voted 35-24 in favor of expanding selective services to include women. The House website doe snot disclose how each member voted.

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) introduced an amendment to the Defense Defense Authorization Act of 2022 that requires all women to register for selective services along with men.

Houlahan declared that “the Selective Service System is currently written it is unconstitutional and discriminates based on sex.” Houlahan claims on her website that women who are unsuited for combat can do “cyber, STEM, technical” work instead. Ignoring the fact that all three of these are fields that men are far more likely than women to be employed in.

Houlahan also got a number of measures passed in the House Armed Services Committee that will require the military to do more to accommodate pregnant women and women with babies.

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