Horrific unprovoked hate crime murder in Clearwater, Florida

"We about to get ghetto"

On October 21st, Jermaine Bennett, 26, and Savonne Morrison, 18, were videotaping themselves vandalizing people’s cars with tire irons in St. Petersburg, FL. Police say the rampage was preceded by a text message stating, “we about to get ghetto.”

As they continued their criminal rampage, they brutally beat an unnamed elderly man in St. Petersburg.

They eventually entered Clearwater, where they attacked Jeffrey Chapman, 49, while he rode his bicycle. Police say Chapman was beaten to death with the same tire irons used to vandalize cars earlier in the evening.

Bennet and Morrison have now both been arrested. Morrison was already on probation for armed carjacking. The police say they have shown no remorse. They have been charged with “principal to first-degree murder.”

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